Hamiota Municipality,
75 Maple Ave., Hamiota, MB

Hamiota Municipality, 75 Maple Ave., Hamiota, MB
PH. 204-764-3050 | info@hamiota.com

Hamiota & District Sports Complex

200 Maple Ave East
Booking and Information: (204)764- 0828

Ice Full Season: October to April
Off Season Activities: Year round
Facility Foreman: Tom Mollard

There is a lot of community pride in Hamiota concerning the 1991 completion of their sports complex. The $2.1 Million facility is the result of outstanding community support and determination. The sports complex is a combination skating arena/curling facility, complete with dressing rooms, viewing areas and a large kitchen. The curling ice arena has a 10,500 square foot concrete floor (4 sheets of ice). The skating arena has a 22,800 square foot concrete floor (85 X 195 foot artificial ice surface).

Located adjacent to the Hamiota Municipal Park, the location of the facility ensures use on a year round basis for a variety of events. Operated by a volunteer board, elections are held annually. Staffing for the facility includes a full time Facility Foreman and two seasonal full time employees. The canteen is operated with volunteer workers, with proceeds being directed towards the general operating costs.

Men, Ladies, Mixed and Junior Curling Clubs all operate regular seasons and host bonspiels annually. The Minor Hockey Program includes all age groups, female hockey and high school hockey. A Learn to Skate Program is offered each year and generally begins the season.


  • Family$100
  • Adult $50
  • Student $30
  • Pre- School: Free
  • Single Skate $3

Kindly pay your skating fees prior to proceeding onto the ice for skating.



Facility Details

Curling Ice Arena

  • 4 sheets artificial curling ice
  • Summer entrance/exits to accommodate 750 people
  • Lower Curling Lobby (Club Room)
  • Full wet bar
  • Full viewing of curling ice with double gazed tempered glass windows
  • Capable of handling approx. 120 people
  • Upper Curling Lobby
  • Full viewing of curling ice with double glazed tempered glass windows
  • Capable of handling up to 150 people
  • Direct access to the kitchen

Skating Arena

  • 85 x 195 ft. artificial ice surface
  • Permanent bleacher seating for 470 people
  • Lower Skating Lobby
  • 4 large dressing rooms with shower/washrooms
  • Referees room
  • Locker and storage room
  • Skate sharpening room
  • Large lobby for public skate change
  • Upper Skating Lobby
  • Full viewing of skating ice through 2 panes tempered glass (outside 11/2 inch tick)
  • Direct access to bleachers
  • Direct access to kitchen
  • Capable of handling up to 150 people
  • Sound Room
  • Privacy for broadcasters, coaches, etc.
  • Kitchen
  • Fully modern kitchen with gas grill, oven, and deep fryer
  • Walk in cooler and freezer


The project obtained over $800,000 of local community support through fundraising and donations. Federal and provincial government grants added approximately $800,000. Volunteer labour contributed a value in excess of $300,000. As a result, the facility is completely operational with no debt.

The project began in 1984 when the existing facility required extensive upgrading. Local residents were given an estimate of $600,000 to upgrade the existing facility, which was built in 1934.The upgrading of the existing facility would only ensure another ten years of further use. As a result, the community rejected the upgrading of the existing facility in favor of a new sports complex.

The first fundraising effort netted the building committee $20,331.26. Combined with additional fundraising efforts as well as local community support, construction began in May 1989. Ian Bobiak supplied the building design and project management for phase 1. Gaiser Builders of Brandon completed the actual building and construction. The Building Committee made a conscious commitment to use local contractors wherever possible. Mostly volunteers under the supervision and assistance of a local journeyman electrician installed the plumbing and heating systems. Building supplies for the interior was supplied through the local Hamiota Building Supply, while Prairie Concrete of Hamiota supplied the concrete. The ice making equipment was supplied and installed by Goodman’s Industrial Maintenance of Brandon. The interior carpentry and block work was all done by local contractors and locally hired workers.

Volunteer labour has been valued at approximately $300,000 for the project. Volunteers were responsible for all painting in the building, installation of all arena lights, building the front entrance berm, misc. carpentry, project management of all but the first phase of the project, preparations for the surface, pouring and finishing the perimeter slab, final leveling with sand for the ice surface, installing 3″ Styrofoam SM, rebar and ice chairs, artificial ice pipes and wire mesh, and construction of viewing areas as well as bleachers.