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2021 Urban Levy

2021-01 Urban Services Advertisement

2021-01 Urban Services

PLEASE NOTE: The flat fee and mill rate have NO increase from By-Law 2019-02.




for Police Service, Recreation Service, Garbage Collection, Recycling Collection and Transportation, Street Lighting, Road Maintenance and Construction, Fire Protection, and Landfill Operations

BY-LAW NO. 2021-01

 For the purposes of continuing in 2021 and 2022, the special service levy established under By-law No. 2019-02.

The Council of the Hamiota Municipality has scheduled a public hearing at the municipal offices at 75 Maple Avenue on Wednesday April 7, 2021 at 7:15 PM to present the following special service proposal:

Hamiota Municipality provides for police service, recreation service, garbage collection, recycling collection and transportation, street lighting, road maintenance and construction, fire protection, and landfill operations to all properties within the boundaries of Urban Hamiota. These costs were recovered from a special service levy under By-law No. 2019-02, which expired at the end of 2020. Hamiota Council is proposing to continue to recover the costs of these services through a per parcel tax rate and a special service mill rate levied on each ratepayer within the urban centre of Hamiota.

The Special Service Tax will be levied on all rateable property – taxable and grant-in-lieu within the urban limits of the Hamiota Municipality, as described in Schedule “B” of the proposed By-Law.

The estimated cost of the By-Law will be $462,760.00. The rate will be established by dividing the expense by the number of properties and assessment. In 2021 the urban community of Hamiota has 428 properties with a portioned assessment of 24,414,880. Dividing the expense of $203,300 by the 428 properties equals a levy of $475.00 per parcel. Dividing the $259,460 expense by the assessment equals a levy of 10.628 mills. Calculated on a residential property valued at $100,000 (portioned 45,000) an estimated $948.04 ($475.00 flat plus $478.26 on mill rate) special service tax will be levied.

All objections, written or verbal, must be filed prior to the adjournment of the hearing and must include the name, address and property description of the person filing the objection and the grounds of their objection. A written objection may be filed with the Chief Administrative Officer, cao@hamiota.com or Box 100, 75 Maple Avenue, Hamiota Manitoba R0M 0T0 prior to the commencement of the hearing. At the hearing, Council will hear any taxpayer who wishes to make a presentation, ask questions or register an objection to the special service proposal.

COVID Update: This will be a virtual hearing. Please submit written questions or objections as outlined above or register to attend virtually to: cao@hamiota.com. The meeting will be aired live at www.hamiota.com/live-video

Copies of the special service proposal are available at the municipal office at 75 Maple Avenue Hamiota Manitoba R0M 0T0 and on the municipal website at: www.hamiota.com

Dated at the Hamiota this 11th day of March A.D. 2021 and issued pursuant to Section 318 of The Municipal Act.