Hamiota Municipality,
75 Maple Ave., Hamiota, MB

Hamiota Municipality, 75 Maple Ave., Hamiota, MB
PH. 204-764-3050 | info@hamiota.com

Community Groups

Hamiota boasts many community groups that offer volunteer and social opportunities.

  • Christmas Cheer Board

    • Contact: Airdrie Knight
      Phone: 204-764-2802

      At this present time the Committee consists of Airdrie Knight, Dienna McConnell and Susan Allen.

      We get together in early November to start compiling gifts for the upcoming season.  We receive referrals from health center professionals, the schools or people will phone us directly on their own behalf.

      Any gifts people would like to donate to our committee can be left at the Hamiota Co-op or at the Municipal Office.

      Tax deductible receipts are available through the Municipal Office for gifts of money.

      The committee greatly appreciates the incredible support we receive from the community and surrounding areas.

  • Decker Country Riders

    • Contact: Karen Scott
      Phone: 204-764-2239
  • Decker Rink

    • Contact: Greg Ellis
      Phone: 204-764-3845
  • Drama Group

    • Contact: Tony Scott
      Phone: 204-764-2131
  • Donors Choice

    • Contact: Irene Robinson
      Phone: 204-764-2100
  • Girl Guides

    • Contact: Paula Lints
      Phone: 204-764-2554
  • Hamiota Agricultural Society

  • Hamiota & District Archives

    • Contact: Ken or Vicki Smith
      Phone: 204-764-255

      The Archives are housed upstairs at the Heritage Arts Centre. The archives are maintained by dedicated volunteers. Volunteers are available to answer any of your questions about the town or area of a historical nature, every Monday morning for ten months of the year and by appointment throughout the summer.

  • Hamiota Archery Club

    • Contact:
  • Hamiota Art Club

    • Contact: Elaine Rawlings
      Phone: 204-764-2344

      Although the Hamiota Art Club was officially organized in Oct. 1969, a group of ladies, namely Mrs. Kathleen Rutherford (since deceased), Mrs. Dorothy MacMillan (later Mrs. R. Riddick), Mrs. Bessie Houck, and Mrs. Ethel Stewart (since de­ceased) had been having get-togethers to go out sketching for several years.

      The Club was formed with Mrs. Anne Perlmutter as instructor, who taught how to work in charcoal, pencil and oil media. In later years, instruction has been expanded to include watercolor, soft pastel, oil pastel, India ink and acrylic media by instructors from Virden, Brandon, Strathclair, Oak Lake, and Erickson in Manitoba, and from Marchwell, Sas­katchewan, as well as some local artists.

      The highlight of the Club year is the annual Art Show and Tea, which is held in the spring. This has created a great deal of interest, not only in the Club, but also in the community.

      The Club members have also had a display of pictures at the Hamiota Summer Fair for several years. Pictures painted by the members are hung in the local Heritage Arts Centre, Royal Bank and Credit Union for viewing during the year.

      Upstairs in the Heritage Arts Centre, the Hamiota Art Group meets every Thursday from October to April in a warm and sunny workspace and welcomes all level of artists to join them from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. or any part of the day you can manage. Work on your own art projects or join them for workshops and classes as they are scheduled.

      It is a great opportunity to learn from peers in a very welcoming environment. A fresh schedule of workshops, classes, exhibitions, and special events is made available each spring and can be picked up from the Arts Council office.

  • Hamiota Garden Club

    • Contact: Judy Oakden
      Phone: 204-764-2847

      The Hamiota Garden Club has been embraced by volunteers who are interested in beautification of the community not only for the present, but into the future. Today, the Hamiota Garden Club continues to play an important role in identifying suitable community projects and working towards continued overall community improvements. The Garden Club is committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation.

      It encourages everyone to:

      • Beautify their surroundings
      • Conserve natural resources
      • Protect our heritage
      • Work together for the betterment of the community

      Hamiota has been recognized in 2003 and 2004 as a 5 Bloom Award Nationally.

      Ways to Get Involved:

      • Plant a tree
      • Paint a fence
      • Pick up litter
      • Recycle Adopt a flowerbed
      • Volunteer your help
      • Donate Money
      • Encourage others to become involved. i.e. school children and senior groups
      • Donate to the Tree of Lights at the Municipal Office
  • Hospital Auxiliary

    • Contact: Irene Robinson
      Phone: 204-764-2100
  • Junior Curling Club

    • Contact: Neil Gregory
      Phone: 204-764-2215
  • Karate Club

    • Contact: Scott Lints
      Phone: 204-764-2610
  • Ladies' Curling Club

    • Contact: Lyanna Lawn
      Phone: 204-764-2516
  • Lions Club

    • Contact: Elgin Rogers
      Phone: 204-764-2336
  • Long Range Game and Fish

    • Contact: Lynn Madsen
      Phone: 204-764-2896
  • McConnell 4-H Club

    • Contact: Kevin Hyndman
      Phone: 204-764-0332
  • Mens' Curling Club

    • Contact: Tim Weber
      Phone: 204-764-2666
  • Minor Baseball

    • Contact: Ryan Norrie
      Phone: 204-764-2749
  • Minor Hockey

    • Contact: Terry McNabb
      Phone: 204-764-2865
  • Mid-west Arts Council

    • Contact:
      Phone: 204-764-2400 or email: midwestarts@mymts.net

      Located in the Heritage Arts Centre
      39 Maple Avenue

      “Art and culture are important to the development and vitality of a community. In a grassroots fashion, the Council promotes the development of art and culture for citizens of all ages within the Midwest Recreation District. To this end, the Council provides a forum for art exhibitions, performances, dance, music, as well as other activities which encourage individual self- expression.”

      The Mid- West Arts Council promotes and is willing to provide art and cultural opportunities for all age groups in the Hamiota Municipality, and Wallace- Woodworth, Oakview, and Prairie View.

      It is a community touchstone for anyone looking for information, classes or events in a wide variety of arts disciplines – dance, drama, visual arts, quilting, and music, or cultural and seasonal special events like summertime teas, street markets, buskers, and BBQ’s.

      The Arts Council’s main office is located in the Heritage Arts Centre, a historic Royal Bank building, beautifully renovated by community volunteers to create a warm and inviting exhibition space. It features a kaleidoscope of exhibitions, which change monthly, from local and not- so- local artists, photographers, sculptors, needlework, and other artisans. It also houses the Gallery Gift Shop with a display of local artisans work available for sale –everything from quilted runners, hand- made jewelry and sculptures to knitted children’s sweaters and baby gifts. The gift shop rotates its’ work every three months so there is always something new to see and buy. The former bank manager’s office is a great spot to stop for a cup of coffee, sit by the working fireplace, admire the restored woodwork and discuss what arts discipline or idea you’ve always wanted to explore or get started anywhere in the Arts Council’s catchment area.

      In summer, Thursday is ‘Arts Centre’ day in Hamiota with “Tea at the Old Bank” running each Thursday from 2- 4 p.m. from June to September. “The Sidewalk Dog” Café opens for business out front in July and runs throughout the summer also on Thursday from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Buskers liven the air with music and the Street Market sells fresh vegetables and crafts for as long as there’s a crowd eager to purchase their wares.

      Throughout the year, the Arts Council provides special youth activities Halloween, Christmas, art classes, performers, facilitates birthday parties);organizes musical events of both local and touring talent; and opportunities for social and cultural activities like our Scottish Ceilidh in February. They are eager to encourage budding artists in area classrooms through school workshops or adult classes as well.

      Drop in, check out the exhibitions, sign up for classes – there’s always something new going on and the Arts Council looks forward to meeting you and helping you develop your art interests in the Mid- West Area.

      Office/Gallery/Gift Shop Hours:
      Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:00- 4:00 pm or by appointment anytime.

      Leave a message at 204-764-2400 or
      email: midwestarts@mymts.net

  • Mid-West Dance Group

    • Contact:

      The Mid-West Dance Group is also affiliated with the Arts Council although its excellent instruction program in tap, jazz, and hiphop has helped it outgrown its former home at the old bank and dance instruction is now given at the Elementary school.

      Information on the dance program, registration forms, or dance committee contact numbers are available from the Arts Council office anytime. The registration meeting for the dance program is usually held at the Arts Centre in late August or early September and dance class instruction begins in the fall.

  • Mixed Curling Club

    • Contact: Dale Little
      Phone: 204-764-2772
  • Oldtimers Hockey

    • Contact: Dave Rawlings
      Phone: 204-764-3651
  • Pioneer Club Museum

    • Contact: Ken Smith
      Phone: 204-764-2552
  • Policing Advisory Council

    • Contact: Norah Gray
      Phone: 204-764-2047
  • Recycling Committee

    • Contact:
  • Red Sox

    • Contact: Ron Knight
      Phone: 204-764-2802
  • Seniors Council

    • Contact:
      Phone: 204-764-2658

      The Hamiota Seniors Council employs a Community Resource Coordinator to help seniors and disadvantaged Persons live independently in their homes/apartment as long as physically possible. The coordinator ensures that senior and disadvantaged persons are made aware of existing community and government services and how to obtain those services.

      Support services to seniors and disadvantaged persons are provided at reasonable rates, or on volunteer basis. Rates are charged for household chores such as baking, house cleaning (weekly or monthly), laundry, yard work, minor maintenance, snow removal, vacation home-check.

      Transportation to out of town appointments and social service at excellent rates. Also available to seniors are foot clinics every six weeks, Lifeline service, and E.R.I.K. (Emergency Response Information Kit), for seniors disadvantaged people, and individuals with illness.

      Active Living is promoted as a way in which physical activity is valued and integrated into daily life. Exercise programs are set on a weekly basis for seniors and disadvantaged persons to start the fitness challenge.

      Programs include the Buddy Program, Congregate Meals, Mobile Meals, and weekly specials at the Hotel.

      The Hamiota Seniors Council is an umbrella organization for three recreational clubs—Card Club, and Floor Shuffle Club, which meet regularly during the winter months: and the Hamiota Pioneer Club Museum. Social events within and outside the community are planned and promoted utilizing the Handi-Van services when feasible.

  • Square Dance Club

    • Contact: Ed & Rosalie Beamish
      Phone: 204-764-2108

      The Hamiota Square Dance Club meets every Thursday evening throughout the winter months at the Heritage Arts Centre and encourages anyone who likes to square dance or wishes to learn, to join them in the main gallery for a little exercise and a lot of fun.

  • T.O.P.S

    • Contact: Heather Sheane
      Phone: 204-764-2269
  • United Church Women

    • Contact: Heather Dale, Secretary 764-2541
      Phone: 204-764-2546

      The Hamiota UCW runs the Thrift Shop located at 45 Birch Avenue East where clothing and household goods are available.