Hamiota Municipality,
75 Maple Ave., Hamiota, MB

Hamiota Municipality, 75 Maple Ave., Hamiota, MB
PH. 204-764-3050 | info@hamiota.com

Hamiota Economic Development Corporation (HEDC)

The Hamiota Economic Development Corporation is an independent service funded by the Hamiota Municipality.

The Board of Directors consist of two councillors and citizens appointed by the Council of the Hamiota Municipality. HEDC meets once a month on the second Tuesday at 7:00 a.m.

The role of HEDC is to diversify and expand the local economy, increase the tax base and to also increase the number of local job opportunities.

HEDC is hosting a community brainstorming evening on Wednesday, March 13 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Business owners and residents are welcome; please RSVP to hedc@hamiota.com by March 4th.

HEDC is hosting the Hamiota Trade Show on April 20 from 10-4:00. Register a booth with Nancy: hedc@hamiota.com or phone 204.764.3050 ext. 107! Booths are $50.00. Save the date, entrance to the show is free with a silver collection going to a community group.

HEDC had the electronic sign erected in August, 2018 on the corner of Highway 21 and Maple Ave. If there is an event you’d like up on the sign, please notify Nancy hedc@hamiota.com.

If you have a business idea, we can assist you.  We currently have financial resources available.

Please contact us at 204- 764- 3050 ext. 107 or hedc@hamiota.com


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