Hamiota Municipality,
75 Maple Ave., Hamiota, MB

Hamiota Municipality, 75 Maple Ave., Hamiota, MB
PH. 204-764-3050 | info@hamiota.com

Hamiota Economic Development Corporation (HEDC)



Hamiota, Manitoba  

Economic Development OfficerNancy Smith

Email: hedc@hamiota.com

T:204-764-3050 ext. 107

Strategic Position

Energy Options:

  • Natural gas including Trans Canada Pipelines mainline access
  • Electricity

National and International Transportation Flexibility:

  • East-West and North-South paved highway access
  • Access to CNR mainline rail

Advanced Telecommunications:

  • Midwest Hi Speed Internet (Fibre connection) Hamiota Municipality 204-764-3050
  • Two cell service providers (Rogers and BELL/MTS)
  • High speed internet access; NetSet and DSL (BELL/MTS)

Competent Local Infrastructure:

  • Advanced reverse osmosis water treatment
  • Large regional health care centre
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Police, ambulance and fire services

Resource Capable Community:

  • Adept workforce
  • Strong and diverse agricultural sector
  • High productivity land base
  • One of only three municipalities in South Western Manitoba with an arable land base exceeding 200 acres per square kilometer
  • Extensive groundwater resources

Land for Development:

  • New residential subdivisions
  • Two industrial park subdivisions

Local Government & Development Support Services:

  • Planned development
  • Supported by productive land use and zoning regulations
  • Micro and capital lending
  • Proponent citing and support services

About Hamiota Economic Development

The Hamiota Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) is an independent service funded by the Hamiota Municipality.

The Board of Directors consists of two councillors and citizens appointed by the Council of the Hamiota Municipality. HEDC meets once a month on the second Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. HEDC Board of Directors consists of Councillor Todd Brown, Councillor Ross Andrew, Chair- Lisa Hamilton, Vice-Chair- LeeAnn Haggarty, Ron Knight, Riley Smith, Dave Juce, Nancy Strachan, and Kyle Feschuk. The Hamiota Economic Development Officer is Nancy Smith and ACAO Robin Cripps also is an important part of the HEDC Board.

The role of HEDC is to diversify and expand the local economy, increase the tax base, and also increase the number of local job opportunities.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Promoting Hamiota
  • Business Development- assistance, support, communication
  • Assist: locals, groups, visitors, and organizations
  • Tourism Opportunities and Regional Tourism
  • Research Data and Surveys
  • Public communications, planning meetings and gatherings
  • Planning events to catch visitors’ attention, support residents, and bring people together
  • Sharing information, keeping the community in the know about news and events.
  • Attending Regional Meetings and Forums
  • Keeping communication lines open by connecting with education stakeholders, health stakeholders, Hamiota Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism Westman on a regular basis throughout the year.

What We Do:


Social Media, Newspapers -Nationally, Radio – Regionally, In person – at Trade / Home Shows and Expos.


Hamiota Banners hung up around town, electronic sign erected in 2018 at the junction of 21 Highway and Maple Avenue.


Monthly newsletter- Leader, Bulletin Board weekly updates, and Electronic Sign updates on demand.



The EDO position is a part-time position with an office in the municipal building. Contact Nancy at 204- 764- 3050 ext. 107 or hedc@hamiota.com or stop in you are always WELCOME!

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Living in Hamiota




Hamiota has a WIDE range of employment opportunities with focuses in health, education, and agriculture (grain, livestock, and agribusiness).

There are also opportunities within retail, trades, tourism, daycare and nursery school, and fitness.


Education: Check out the Park West School Division website for education employment opportunities at the Hamiota Elementary School and Hamiota Collegiate Institute.

Health: Check out the Prairie Mountain Health website for up-to-date careers at the Hamiota and District Health Centre.

Looking to start your own business in Hamiota? View our resources here:


Hamiota has a strong agricultural base supplemented by medical, educational, financial, retail, tourism, and skilled trade sectors.

Make the Move!

In Hamiota, there are more commercial and residential lots available at very reasonable rates. Email or phone to request a map of the infill lots and details regarding the size of the sites.


Hamiota is offering a SALE on residential lots!

Willow Heights Subdivision ~ $18,000.00

Amenities- fibre to the home internet, buried hydro, telephone, natural gas

For more details and information: Phone: 204.725.8800 Mobile: 204.764.2904

Email: KenKirk@royallepage.ca


There are great commercial opportunities at the north end of Hamiota, along Highway 21 on the west side. There are two commercial lots available; both of which could provide a perfect location for your business. On the town property map these sites are numbers 3 & 4 along Elm.

2019 Town Property Map (1)

Listed with Ken Kirk Royal LePage C:  204.764.2904

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