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Hamiota Chamber of Commerce

Hamiota Chamber of Commerce became a member of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce 1993. Prior to 1993, the business community had a group of individuals that called themselves the Hamiota Business Club. Incorporating enabled affiliation with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, of which we are still members today. We have a greater voice when dealing with issues that affect us. We also act as liaison between the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, Manitoba Government and local entrepreneurs.

Hamiota Chamber of Commerce is a major player in community fundraiser's, participating in the following: Hamiota Agricultural Fair. Hamiota's Millennium Park. Triple "H" Rodeo. Founder of the successful Hamiota Trade Fair. Newcomers Welcome Events. Assorted Christmas events. Hamiota Chamber of Commerce enjoys a membership of 46 (approximate). Regular meetings are held the last Thursday of the month.

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