Hamiota Municipality 2018

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By-Law No. 3-2017 Financial Plan

By-Law No. 2-2017 Special Mill Rate

By-Law No. 1-2017 Flat Fee Urban

*By-law No. 10 Schedual A

*By-law No. 9 expenditure and borrowing of funds for the installation of fibre optic cable

By-law No. 8 Repeal of Business Taxes

By-law No. 7

By-law No. 6

By-law No. 5

By-law No. 4-2016 Borrowing for Street Reconstruction Urban

By-law No. 3-2016 Hamiota Special Mill Rate

By-law No. 2-2016 Hamiota Special Services Levy

By-law No. 1-2016 Zoning By-Law Ammendment

By-law No. 16-2015 Create a Community Centre Reserve Fund

By-law No. 15-2015 Create a Centennial Library Reserve Fund

By-law No. 14-2015 Create a Sports Complex Reserve

By-law No. 13-2015 Create a Handi Transit Reserve

By-law No. 12-2015 Create a Gravel Reserve

By-law No. 11-2015 Create a Fire  Equipment Replacement Reserve

By-law No. 10-2015 Gas Tax Reserve Fund

By-law No. 9-2015 Create an Equipment Replacement Reserve

By-law No. 8-2015 Create a General Reserve Fund

By-law No. 7-2015 Hamiota Tax Levy By-Law

By-law No. 6-2015 Hamiota Special Mill Rate

By-law No. 5-2015 Hamiota Special Services Levy

By-law No. 4-2015 To authorize granting of a franchise to Centra Gas Manitoba Inc.

By-law No. 3-2015 Hamiota Indemnity By-law

By-law No. 2-2015 To establish the organizational structure of the Municipality

By-law No. 1-2015 To regulate the proceedings and conduct of the Council and the Committees