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Midwest Recreation District
encompasses four municipal partners, as well as the Park West School Division and Rolling River School Division. The lead partners are the Hamiota Municipality, with cooperation from the Rural Municipalities of Oakview, Prairie View, and Wallace-Woodworth. The Province of Manitoba provides funding assistance to employ a full time Recreation Director. The Director assists the recreation commission to encourage and promote recreation within the district. Emphasis is placed upon the benefits of recreation; personal, social, environmental, and economic. A variety of programs and activities are held each year. The programs are in addition to facility management and recreation consultation services provided through the recreation office. Partners within the district appoint board members to the recreation commission.


Personal Benefits of Recreation.

 Positive self-image.

 Source of self-esteem.

 Essential to stress-management.

 Regular physical activity is an effective means of health insurance.

 Improves quality of life.

Social Benefits of Recreation

 Builds strong communities.

 Reduces loneliness and anti-social behaviors.

 Build stronger families.

 Foundation of community involvement

 Promotes community pride.

 Promotes community involvement.

 Promotes cultural harmony.

Economic Benefits of Recreation

 Preventative health service.

 More productive workforce.

 Motivates business relocation and expansion.

 Reduces the high cost of vandalism and criminal activity.

 Catalyst for tourism.

Environmental Benefits of Reaction

 Contributes to environmental health of communities.

 Insurance for a new and improved environmental future.

  Parks and provision of open space leads to increased property values.

Recreation Director: 764-3050 Ext 106
Email: Fax: 764-3055
75 Maple Avenue East, Hamiota, MB 
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