Hamiota Municipality 2018

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Hamiota Hiking Trails

Pitlochery and Chumah Trails are located upon the abandoned railway line providing for excellent recreational use in all seasons. Hikers relax upon the bench located on the east side of Hamiota on Pitlochery trail and enjoy the sounds of spring as waterfowl return to nest in the spring. Winter season sees the return of groomed trails along the Chumah Trail located on the west side of the Town. The trails were initially developed through the efforts of the Hamiota Youth Corps and local volunteers. The trails were simply called Hamiota Rails to Trails until their renaming in 2004 to reflect local history of settlement development.

Pitlochery Trail

This trail takes walkers East of Hamiota to view the marsh life and enjoy the sounds of the varied bird population, which thrives in this area. Spring brings warblers, blackbirds and a wide array of ducks. Many stay for the summer to raise their young. Chickadees keep watch over the frozen marsh during the winter awaiting the return of spring. The Pitlockery is located along the former railway line.

Chumah Trail

The Chumah leads outdoor enthusiasts West of Hamiota to enjoy the prairie grasslands and native vegetation. A viewing platform, at the end of the trail, affords bird watchers a quiet place to take fantastic photographs. With more trees and bush cover, this trail is suited for cross country skiing and is groomed regularly. The Chumah is also located along the former railway line.