Hamiota Municipality 2018

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Hamiota Schools & Education

Hamiota offers comprehensive Elementary and High School programs. The High School offers a variety of academic courses including business, cooperative career classes and distance education. Average annual enrolment consists of 260 students.

Hamiota Collegiate Institute (grades 6 - Senior 4)

The Business Education, and High School Program, along with Distance Education, Apprenticeship, and the School Initiated courses held within the community provide a variety of options to all students in Senior 1 to 4, including French and Computer courses.  In addition to academics, HCI has a very active extra-curricular program. Activities include opportunities in drama, music and sports, for all our students. Career Guidance and Student Support Services (peer tutors and group tutorials) are also made available to students attending HCI. A newsletter helps to keep the general public informed of the various activities occurring. The Student Council is active in various fundraising and special functions on an annual basis.  Events held on a regular basis at the Collegiate are the Birdtail River Fine Arts Festival, a variety of Band Concerts, the annual Drama Production, Christmas Concert, as well as a variety of sport tournaments. Spring Registration and Orientation is held in April of each year.

Hamiota Elementary School  (Kindergarten - Grade 5)

The playground features a formal play ground equipped with several structures for the enjoyment of all youth.

A new playground was built in 2014. Intramurals are also offered as extra-curricular activities at noon hours. The Elementary School also offers a strong music program and resource courses to its students.

Events held on a regular basis at the Elementary are the Birdtail River Fine Arts Festival, Christmas Concert, Winter Carnival, Field Day, as well as a Fall Open House, held early in the school year. Principal Jon Zilkey can be reached at 842-2823 or at

Hamiota Student Council

This organization helps out with many school and community activities.  Their goal is to raise money to be put toward school programs which allows the school to function at its best.

Major fundraisers each year are the fowl supper and magazine campaign, plus many ‘school spirit’ days to keep the students involved.  Contact the Collegiate for details.


The Nursery school is located in the Village United Early Learning Centre on 4th Street. The teacher encourages children to attend this specialized learning centre where children learn to socialize and interact with other children of the same age.  This education stresses formal learning with fun.  The format includes art and crafts, playtime (sharing), music, reading, listening, puzzles, play dough, hygiene, and table manners during snack time.  In addition to active activities (outdoors, weather permitting) the children enjoy “Circle Time”, where they participate in a number of low organized games.  Bulletins and a news board keep parents informed of development progress.  Parents are welcome to visit anytime.

Children can attend the school once or twice a week for a 1/2 day, in the morning.